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At certain intervals I continue my education with seminars with topics around dogs and breeding. Attached a little insight in the topics:

27.10.21 Online-Seminar from Laboklin
* Genetic diseases in dog breeding (Mrs. Dr. Weimann, Laboklin)
> Introduction and review
> Monogenic and polygenic features
> Examples of monogenic defects
> Züchterisches Breeding procedures at polygenic features

* Preventing the loss of puppies at birth and recognizing diseases of newborns early (Mrs Dr. Münnich, Veterinary Schönow)
> Birth and first actions, diseases of newborns

14.08.21 Webinar with Kristina Trahms, laywer
Club rules, Legal basics

03.06.21 Petinare-Webinar
The difficult birth of the bitch and what to do

Webinar with Kristina Trahms, laywerAll legal aspects around our four legged friends

My animal needs an anaesthesia: how does it work and what one should consider. 

29.04.21 Pet-Webinar/VDH-college
First aid at dogs and cats: helpful hints and tricks for the emergency

21.04.21 VDH-Webinar
DOK-eye examination

26.02.21 Canina Webinar
To feed puppies, Kitties and other young animals naturally, is this possible?

11.02.21 Pet-Webinar/VDH-college:
> Tumor diseases of dogs and cats and how we can defeat them.


08.02.20 Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University:
> Fit in any situation
> Progesterone is not the same as progesterone
> Weak puppies - recognize and to treat
> All about teeth - from young to old

29.01.20 Pet-Webinar/VDH-college:
> raw feeding - current status of the science


16.07.19 Pet-Webinar/VDH-college:
> Poisoning at dogs


05.04.17 Pet-Webinar/VDH-college:
> The first days of a puppy - sometimes a challenge

Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University
> Diseases of the non-castrated bitch
> Diseases of testicles and prostate
> Genetic tests in dog breeding
> HD, ED, Patellaluxation & Co.

13.02.16 Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University
> The puppy in the first days
> Cryptorchisdism

> Vaccinations - necessary, needless or harmful?
> Hereditary eye diseases


07.02.15 Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University:
> The bitch in the first weeks after birth
> Barf

> Socializing and basic training of the puppies
> The inherent shunt of the dog - it can be in every breed


22.02.14 Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University
> The normal birth
> Birth disorders
of the bitch
> Instrumental sperm transfer
> Artificial breeding of puppies


With different seminars, the necessary knowledge and fullfilling all requirements, I got the "Breede
r Certificate" from the German all breed-club "VDH" today.

VDH-Seminar in Rain / Augsburg:
> Bitch, Puppies, Youngsters
   - biology, care and possible disorders

VDH-Seminar in Rain / Augsburg:
> Genetics
> Breeding Strategies

26.01.13 Breeding seminar of the LMU, Munich's University:
> Conservation possibilities of dog sperm
> Problems during the pregnancy
> Feeding of the pregnant bitch and the puppies


17.-18.03.12 VDH-Seminar in Rain/Augsburg:
> Kynological Basics
> Dog Breeding
> Breeding Practice